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>> more than 200 died in a nightclub fire in brazil. >> many were killed in a desperate stampede to the exits. we'll have the latest from brazil. you are watching al-jazeera live from london. also coming up, funerals in egypt turned violent, leaving at least six more dead. in mali, french and mali and troops. and tens of thousands of supporters of gay marriage march in the french capital, paris. >> and fire at a nightclub in brazil has left 232 people dead. 170 others are in hospital. it is thought the fire was started by fireworks during a stage show. hundreds of panicked clubbers stampeded toward the exits. it happened in the city of santa maria and it's been described as the worst tragedy emergency workers have responded to. >> a frantic attempt to rescue those inside, the blaze was started by firework display during a live music performance. an official for the military police said most of the deaths were called -- were caused by asphyxiation. many others were trampled underfoot as they tried to escape. these pictures, which al- jazeera cannot independently verify, were uploa
. >> pelley: john, thank you very much. in brazil, police detained three people in the weekend nightclub fire that took more than 230 lives. it happened in santa maria, a college town. many were college students. witnesses say a band was playing and the lead singer ignited a flare as part of the show. the ceiling caught fire, there flare as part of the show. were no sprinklers. in the stampede people fell at the front door blocking the exit. they were taken away by the truckload. the dead are now in a gym filled with caskets. the police are holding two members of the band and a club police are holding two manager. ban simon romero is the brazil bureau chief of the "new york times."mero is he's in santa maria tonight and we spoke with him earlier by phone. >> reporter: the survivors' identities, just seeing the mayhem and horror from inside the nightclub. i interviewed one woman right in front of the stage when the fire ignited by a flare going off. she couldn't believe what happens happening. everyone around her was still dancing and having a great time. she was in disbelief and started screa
>>> terrifying scenes as flames race through a crowded nightclub in brazil. more than 230 people are dead. hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. we'll have the latest on that tragedy in brazil in a moment. >>> first, freezing rain and sleet headed this way for the morning commute. there are already school closings and delays. the federal government will now open at noon. let's go to meteorologist erica grow. >> it's good idea to delay that opening, because the worst of it will be over by noon. let's take a look at that advisory in effect for the entire metro area. all the counties highlighted in purple are under that advisory. the expiration times are at staggered times but everyone will be out of the advisory by 150bg a.m. so this is over and done with by midmorning. you can see on satellite and radar the wintry mix approaching from the north, starting to skirt the mason dixon line and move into the panhandle of maryland. rain basically all south of there. however, as temperatures continue to fall close to freezing we will see that rain falling and freezing on any unt
brazil. we journeyed to the hidden corners of south america for close encounters with nature's noble and not so noble beasts. >>> from new york city, this is "nightline" with cynthia mcfadden. >> good evening, and thanks for joining us. tonight, we begin with a shocking story of love gone deadly wrong. the latest twist in the murder trial of 32-year-old woman charged with shooting, stabbing, and slashing her one-time boyfriend. well, she's admitted to police that she did indeed kill him. she's claiming it was self-defense. but today, explosive new tapes reminded the jury that that was not always her story. here's abc's ryan owens. >> if travis were here today, he would tell you that it wasn't me. r >> reporter: her web of lies untangles before our lies. >> i'm all for the ten commandments. thou shalt not kill. >> reporter: every detail shown to riveted jurors, who will decide if jodi arias should die for her crime. >> if i hurt travis, if i killed travis, i would beg for the death penalty. >> reporter: for the last three days, the prosecutor has played interrogation videos of arias f
. authorities claim there was only one emergency exit at the nightclub. our brazil correspondent has sent us this report. >> brazil has begun to bury its dead. it does span five decades since this country face a loss on the scale. those who died were young and a sense of so many futures away at only intensified the suffering. among the dead were two brothers and two sisters, boyfriends and girlfriends. investigators are still trying to piece together the events of the kiss nightclub that led to so many deaths. witnesses tell of a flair being let as the band played on stage. flames quickly spread across the ceiling and heavy, toxic smoke. >> outstanding with my friends when the music starts. my friends started shouting "run, run." is when the confusion started. >> doesn't died in the bathroom area, mistaking a door for an exit. they told a security guard that many of the young people still have to play for their drinks. >> it is hard to get out. in a matter of seconds. i only stayed there for a few seconds. it felt like an eternity. >> the bodies of those who died were taken to a gymnasium co
'm randi kaye. we begin with breaking news of a devastating fire in brazil. just moments ago, we got these first pictures of the tragedy there. in the last few minutes, we've gotten word of a massive jump in the death toll from the nightclub blaze in santa maria, in brazil. officials telling cnn that 220 people are dead. 220. that is up from the 90 that we were originally told. this is among the deadliest fires of this type in history. it was ten years ago that 100 people were killed in the station nightclub fire in rhode island. this fire today in brazil, more than twice the size of the fire in rhode island. the cause of this fire, still under investigation. but reports say pyrotechnics may have caught some of the club's sound proofing on fire. in these kinds of disasters, people are more often killed by being trampled or by the smoke than by fire itself. we continue to watch these live pictures of this scene there. we will get some more information and a live report from brazil in just a few moments from now. >>> and back here at home, an ice storm making its way through the midwes
brazil has killed 230 people . it happened in the city of santa maria. a band's fireworks show was apparently to blame. >> reporter: rescue workers scrambled to pull victims out of a burning nightclub in brazil. clubgoers and firefighters worked together to use sledge hammers to tear down a wall to reach hundreds of people trapped inside. witnesses say a band member on sage lit a flair moments before the -- flare moments before the flames. they claim security guards stopped people from gets out because they thought patrons were trying to leave without paying their bills. and the police say they could not get in and partygoers could not get out because bodies started to pileup and block the door [sirens] ambulances rushed to the scene to bring the injured to the hospital. doctors say many of the victims died from smoke inhalation and some were trampled. a bouncer says the club was packed with more than 1,000 people. it is a college town and a local university says the club was hosting a party for its students. brazil's president cut short
. sounds good to me. thank you. a deadly nightclub fire in brazil has claimed a staggering umber of lives tonight. check, do hundred 30 people died. 230 people have died. time rows has been following the story. tom has been following the story. people have died. this is the map of brazil. this is in the south when the nearclub fire happened university city. that town and the whole country are in shock tonight. firefighters try to contain this at this packed nightclub early this morning. the coordinator of civil defense says the fire started at after an acoustic in theation caught fire nightclub in the southern brazil town. there was a pyrotechnic show going on when the flames broke out. the official cause of the fire is still under investigation. i would like to say to the country and santa that in this time of adness, we are all together. officials say that many of more than 200 people who by there not killed , but by smoke inhalation. the maximum of the capacity of to beub was supposed 1000, a state official says 2000 people were inside when the fire broke out. this instant call to mind
bye! have a beautiful time. >>> our top stories tonight, tragedy in brazil, as hundreds are killed and hundreds more wounded in one of the worst nightclub fires ever. >> and the caps' craze erupts in to see tonight as they pull out their first win of the season. we'll get to those stories in moment. first, cold temperatures overnight could make for slick and icy roads on your drive to work tomorrow. let's get to gary mcgrady for a look at the forecast. >> have to be careful to watch and see how much we get prior to the commute. now temperatures are dropping. we've had a few hours of clear skies. temperatures this evening have really been allowed to fall. 25 now for frederick. temperature here in the city is down below freezing. may actually come up a little bit. i think we'll settle down in the upper 20s in town and probably sneak up around 30 by early, early tomorrow morning. this is coming in our direction. you can already begin to see some of this pink coming in to western maryland. i've checked all through eastern sections of pennsylvania, up into west virginia. not seeing any
at a night club in brazil. >>> plus, the niners are now in new orleans. >> big foot is back. why sass scratch hunters >> ama: good evening. i'm ama daetz. at least 230 people died in a nightclub near brazil and at least 200 more were injured. for some it brings back memories to a similar tragedy here in the u.s. a decade ago. here's the latest. reporter: you're looking at the desperate effort to save lives as a saturday night party turned into a national tragedy at the club in southern brazil. young men swung axes axes and sledgehammers, trying to hack out escape outs with hundreds fighting for their lives. the club, was packed with college party-goers when members of the band on stage lit flares and set the ceiling on fire. flames and smoke outraced the terrified crowd which jammed the exits in a mad dash to escape. the club became a death trap. one survivor said it was complete panic. hundreds were killed. most reportedly from asphyxiation. firefighters and ambulance crews did what they could, treating some of the more than 200 injured at the scene. others were taken to the hospital. >> by
backyard. we are talking about a fire that killed hundreds of people in santa maria, brazil. we go to the newsroom with the very latest. you spoke with some resilience in our area tonight. >> i did. they say this is shocking. at least 233 people died. where this happened -- and this brazil pose the largest city. about 800 miles south, in the southern part of brazil is the town where this happened. that town an entire country are in shock tonight. >> as many as 2000 people were jammed into this nightclub when the fire started. there appears to have been only one exit. nearby, college students tried to help firefighters create new ways to get out. it was too late to save over 230 people. a brazilian news agency reported that the fire started after a bandit used pyrotechnics in its show. the vast majority of victims the flames, but from inhaling smoke as they struggled to escape. >> in this time of sadness, we are all together. >> the president said it is a tragedy for the whole country. resilient americans are morning to -- mourning too. agents of results told us are in shock. >> re
>>> news4 at 6:00 starts now. >> fire, massive crowds and panic at a brazil nightclub. more than 230 dead and 100 more injured in the world's deadliest nightclub fire in more than a decade. brazil's president tonight calling for three days of mourning in memory of the victims. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. we'll have more on that story in a moment. we want to begin with the potential for morey weather during your commute tomorrow morning. the entire d.c. metro area included in tomorrow's winter weather advisory, a mix of freezing rain and sleet headed in our direction from the great lakes. places like minneapolis, walk, and chicago dealing with icy conditions, treacherous road conditions as well as flight delays. so let's get right to storm team 4 meteorologist kim martucci with a look at our forecast. kim, we just can't catch a break with the timing of this weather. >> we can't. the timing just doesn't any worse. it's targeting our morning rush tomorrow, and because of that, that winter weather advisory in effect. here it is, all of this pink stuff is ice, and
's where the death toll stands right now in the brazil nightclub fire. we're now getting these devastating images being pulled from the burning building. >>> plus, a sloppy commute expected for millions of people this morning. we have a live report straight ahead. >>> i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretaries of state we have. >> one heck of a moment between the president and the secretary of state. but, why all of the love? good morning, welcome to early state. i'm christine rom yans. >> and i'm john berman. it's january 28th it's monday. we'll begin with that developing story out of brazil. deadly chaos at a nightclub. early yesterday morning. killing a staggering 233 people. many of them college students celebrating their last weekend of summer break. it happened at kiss nightclub in santa maria. recovery workers now say they're hearing the eerie sound of ring tones. we're in santa maria with the latest. >> reporter: smoke filled the air when the first firefighters entered the nightclub. where shirtless men were already trying to rescue some of the injured. emergency
nightclub fire in brazil. it hpped in the southern brazil town of santa maria. here are the details. >> reporter: you are looking at the desperate effort to save lives as a saturday night party turned into a national tragedy at this club in brazil. young men swung axes and sledgehammers trying to hack out escape routes for those hiding behind the walls. the club was packed with college party goers when members of the band on stage reportedly lit flares to set the ceiling on fire. >> flames and smoke out raced the terrified crowd which jammed the exit in a mad dash to escape. the club was a death trap. there was so much smoke and fire said one survivor that it was complete panic. hundreds were killed. most reportedly from asphyxiation. firefighters and ambulance workers did what they could treating the 200 injured at the scene. others were taken to the hospital. by daylight grief stricken crowds gathered outside the building and a local gymnasium was used for identifying the dead. brazil's president tried to console the stricken nation. in these times of sadness we are together, and
of the brazil nightclub fire. ♪ last-minute rehearsals for the international debut. more international troops are on their way into mali. rebels are being pushed to the north of the country. troops crossed the border into mali on monday. they're expected to ask for about $950 million to fund the troops. they have managed to regain control of the city of timbuktu without a shot being fired. we were with the french troops as they made their advance in the city. >> french troops secure their hold on timbuktu. they captured the airport late on sunday. paratroopers were landing to the north of the city. these exclusive pictures show rebel fighters leaving their bases in timbuktu. they say they are regrouping rather than fleeing. they have said up checkpoints around the city to try to catch them. of timbuktu visits the airport. >> i have faith in the malian troops. i would say there's not any risk. >> the order comes to move into the center at timbuktu. the french have not entirely secure the city. they are leading the convoy into timbuktu. appearances can be deceptive. this will be for some time t
reportedly died in a nightclub fire in southern brazil. gabriel is on the line with the smell. gabriel, i have a number of conflicting reports. i will turn it over to you. what do you know? >> the latest we have heard is that local officials in the town are still counting the bodies from this nightclub fire, but they are apparently telling local media that the death toll will be at least 90 people killed, from what looks like an absolutely tragic fire that occurred at 2:30 a.m. local time in this town of santa maria, in southern brazil, 200 kilometers from the state capital. we are told the night club was packed with hundreds, hundreds of people, mostly young people. it is a college town. there was some sort of fire and that hundreds could have been transported to area hospitals with interest -- with injuries. all of these stories are just learning to come out. again, this town is in the very southern portion of brazil. local officials are saying that they think that there could be at least 90 people killed but that they are still counting the bodies. >> help me in the news flow on this.
that is just getting under way. nbc's keir simmons is with us tonight to start us off from santa maria, brazil. keir, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the death toll here is almost unimaginable. the gymnasium behind me became a makeshift morgue. more than 230 lives were lost, and scores more are still hospitalized. survivors said it was like a horror movie. a nightclub turned death trap. >> i have been in the nightclub before. >> reporter: audrey narrowly escaped. what did you see? >> people crying. people dying in my sight. >> reporter: hundreds of others, including two of her friends, did not. >> i lost very special people to me. >> reporter: today, the funerals began. so many dead, the coffins laid out in rows. found here by grieving loved ones. on saturday night, they had packed the kiss nightclub. survivors say the band set off pyrotechnics, igniting a fire in the ceiling. it spread in seconds, filling the club with smoke. the crowd panicked. confused security guards at first blocked the exits. in the stampede, audrey was nearly trampled. but she could breathe. but someone
rejects calls for dialogue with egypt's president. >> brazil begins morning after a nightclub fire that killed more than 230 people. it is time for a new generation. that was the message from the ducks -- dutch queen beatrix. >> she said she would abdicate just over three months from now and hand over the throne to her eldest son, willem alexander. , there was heavy speculation she would make that move for some time. she is approaching her 75th birthday. >> a 32 year reign comes to an end. a visibly emotional queen beatrix made the announcement internationally-televised address. , it was a rare honor to spend my life in service to this country and to fill my duties as queen -- fulfill my duties as queen. >> she was one of the longest- serving monarchs in europe, ascending to the throne in april, 1980, after the abdication of her mother. beatrix quickly made her personal mark, combining a fierce sense of duty, hard work, and an engaging personality. not content to be a ceremonial figurehead, she got involved in political issues as well, and proved immensely popular with the dutch pe
faces collapse if there is no end to ongoing rising protests. >> as brazil mourns the hundreds who died in the nightclub blaze, questions being raised about public safety. >> french and malian forces have strengthen their hold on timbuktu a day after the evicted islamist forces. >> the militants left behind a trail of destruction in the united nations world heritage site, looting tombs and burning into documents. residents have welcomed the soldiers with open arms. >> just days ago, the islamists still controlled timbuktu. now their flag has come down. soldiers and civilians are celebrating. >> i dreamt of this day. mali is being reborn. >> most residents of the ancient trading town were relieved when paratroopers arrived. timbuktu has been in the hands of islamists for 10 months. >> for 10 months, the islamists enforced a strict form of sharia law. this man says his hand was chopped up because he was accused of stealing a mattress. this woman says she was with and jailed for a minor offense. >> my head job -- hijab slipped off my face. that's why they put me in jail and beat me. >> res
top stories, the brazil public it fire. as the funeral for the 200 victims plus -- 200 + victims begins, questions arise of how safe world cup and olympic venues will be. the president of haiti, putting in place emergency laws. a sign of strength or weakness? new jersey, hammered by hurricane sandy, we are back to discover how little progress there has been. >> it is hard to find the words to describe the destruction they see around me. this house is at an angle that is almost comic. >> i guess it is a case of a top toyota? >> 9.8 million vehicles, that is how much they sold last year, enough to regain the top spot in the world. given the massive chinese consumer boycott, how did they manage to dethrone general motors? >> it is 12:00 noon in london, 2:00 p.m. in cairo, 10:00 in the morning in santa maria, where families of those who died in the nightclub fire have begun the grim business of the identifying the bodies of their loved ones. an investigation has started, but there is a suspicion that the fire may have begun when a rock band let off the fireworks. raising troubling qu
>>> this morning, nightclub inferno. >> now details from the scene of such sorrow in brazil. after a nightclub blaze that killed hundreds. >>> developing right now, a sweeping plan to rewrite the nation's immigration laws. including a pathway to citizenship for the undocumented. >>> air scare. a jet's engine erupting in flames. what would you do. >>> and hollywood's second-favorite awards show. some surprises last night at the s.a.g. awards. >>> good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm sunny hostin. they started burying the dead after that terrible nightclub fire in brazil. >> most of the victims died of suffocation after toxic smoke filmed the air of that crowded club. when firefighters rushed to the scene, they found the entrance blocked by a pile of bodies. more than 230 victims died. more than 100 were injured. >> we spoke earlier to the bbc's julia carnero, who just arrived in santa maria. >> the sports center, where families and grends have gathered to identify the bodies was decemberlating. trucks carried the bodies to the site. it was the only place in the
chaos. a tragic scene in brazil. hundreds of people are killed when a fire breaks out inside a packed dance hall. >>> talk of 2016 in a joint interview with "60 minutes," president obama and hillary clinton are asked about her possible presidential aspirations. >> i was literally nominated four days ago, and you're talking about elections four years from now. >> and as you know, steve, i'm still secretary of state, so i'm out of politics. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, january 28th, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin this morning with the battle over immigration reform. overnight a bipartisan group of senators reached a deal on legislation, that, if enacted, would rewrite the immigration laws in this country. they plan to officially announce their agreement later today. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning. after a failure at immigration in 2010, washington is gearing up again, but there is evidence, including the growing hispanic vote that the political mood has changed here in washington, and many o
now. >>> cell phone video shows a chaotic scene in brazil during the world's deadliest nightclub fire in more than a decade. at least 230 people are dead. more than 100 injured, after witnesses say a band's fireworks show sparked a fire. thanks for staying with us tonight. i'm laura evans. officials saying at least one of the exits was locked at the club, trapping hundreds inside and all of the bodies have been removed from the nightclub. lauren demarco has more on this story. >> reporter: as flames raced through the kiss nightclub in brazil, patrons scrambled to make their way outside. [sirens] >> reporter: with more than 230 people killed, it appears to be the world's deadliest nightclub fire in more than a decade. witnesses say the band on stage performing was using flares which sparked the flames. video from the scene shows shirtless young men joining firefighters, using axes to break through windows and walls to help free those trapped. according to doctors, most of those killed were suffocated by the smoke. at least 50 bodies were found inside a bathroom, apparently the victims
that you need to put in place. >> i want to go back to frank, back to the international studying in brazil and your observations on that nexus between the environment and the economy, and then i want to come to gayle, switching gears entirely, and going back to the state park concept you mentioned in your opening remark, so, frank? >> thank you, lynn. we did travel to brazil together. i've never seen a more energetic herder than lynn. [laughter] she recognizedded most of the things we saw, including some i think you have never seen before. it's important to know why we went to brazil and what that tells us about the subject we are talking about today. we went there because we wanted to find out how brazil was doing in its effort to reduce the deep forrestation that was taking place in the amazon. is the first thing we did once we got there was go to a slaughter house. we looked at each other and said, we didn't sign up for that. what's that have to do with deforestation? turns out brazil's effort to reduce deforestization was to enact a law that required certain land owners, many land owne
and fun ends on an unimaginable scale. >> such sad news report it is breaking out of brazil. at least 245 people are dead, hundreds injured after a fast moving fire tears through a nightclub in the southern city of santa maria. a police spokesman telling local media the fire broke out at the kiss club while a band was performing. rescue crews using a nearby sports center as a makeshift morgue. joining me on the phone is andrew downey with global radio news in brazil. tell us the latest, please. >> the latest death toll is 245 it could still climb higher. the fire started when a member of the live band let off a flair that he had on stage and the spark caught fire on the acoustics. it caused a stampede many people were trampled. the main cause of death has been affixation from smoke. one young woman told tv news members of the band tried to put out the fire but the extinguisher didn't work. we are hearing from the local fire officials they said that security guards prevented people from escaping the fire by retuesdaying to op-- refusing t open the door. you run up a tab and they stopped pe
of their own lives and situations they've been in, and incidents like it in the past. a nightclub in brazil, packed with happy people on a saturday night, listening to a band at 2:30 in the morning. suddenly, a fire. started small and then engulfed the club, filling it with smoke and hundreds of people in a panic. it got more urgent and complicated when some of the victims weren't allowed out. and today we learned of arrests and an investigation that is just getting under way. nbc's keir simmons is with us tonight to start us off from santa maria, brazil. keir, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the death toll here is almost unimaginable. the gymnasium behind me became a makeshift morgue. 250 lives were lost and scores more are still hospitalized. survivors said it was like a horror movie. a nightclub turns death trap. >> i have been in the nightclub before. >> reporter: audrey narrowly escaped. what did you see? >> people crying. people dying at my side. >> reporter: hundreds of others, including two of her friends, did not. >> i lost very special people to me. >> reporter: to
on mexico and chile and brazil. one of the great things we're missing right now, it is part of the root of this mess about it -- immigration. our partners are right there. those old movies where people -- there was the girl next door, and the hero tries to fall in love with some likely candidates. she turns out to be loyal and ticks down her hair and -- takes down her hair and glasses. that is mexico. brazil and you'll get all those countries, we have to go look at china. we have to reach out to india. i went down to mexico on an economic development mission and was the first governor to go there in four years from any state. we're missing a tremendous opportunity. >> thank you. governor brown, i'm sure you know that on any given day, people from other states are knocking on doors of co's in the valley and trying to get them to expand in other states or move to other states. someone in this room may have engaged in that. >> they cannot all expand in california. we are try to help california. quex their offering tax breaks. >> we are not offering a break. >> not only you. what do you say
, it would back in certain parts of brazil, you find the issue has even been elevated to the supreme dat, simply because that was the symbol that was there, the protagonists for freedom. and so we find the transportation of deity across the atlantic, certainly a dat became not only the symbol of resistance in the new world, but the supreme dat in certain parts of brazil. on the contrary, the heartland in brazil and you go to the shower trying, the hairy key is quite plain. now consider today and africa, and this goes back a couple of centuries. imagine that today to be a follower of the religion is virtually to earn the death sentence in certain parts of nigeria. christians also earned the death sentence in certain parts of nigeria and christians respond in kind and set upon the muslim colleagues, usually in reprisal. but the level of intolerance based on ignorance has reached such that the papers any time in nigeria by ms. church has been burned down. a mosque has just been burned down. worshipers bombed out of existence because even within the religion, there are different grades of pu
a quality legal education. that is opposed to brazil, where you have 1000 law schools, you can open a law school for a couple hundred bucks, and they have a huge failure rate. we are working with the brazilians, other colleges, law schools. i spoke to their major university about these issues, and they are doing what they can to increase. i would tell them to make sure that the legal education is a quality legal education. it is the first of to have a monopoly, so you can control the lawyers, and make sure they are acting in an ethical way. i think there was a third part of the question, what would i tell them not to do. by the way, before i get to that, in vietnam, i recently met with the president of their bar association, similar to the american bar. in most countries, they have a government bar association that is part of the government, in effect. then they just have an non-club federated are. the person was a 70-year-old viet cong that was the chair. one of the most interesting conversations i ever had. someone who did not told anyanger, -- not hold any anger, but wanted information
to cut trading ties is expected in may. >>> massive fire swept through a nightclub in southern brazil overnight killing hundreds of people. it is the world's deadliest nightclub fire in more than a decade. >>> nbc reports from london. >> reporter: at least 232 people were killed sunday at a nightclub in southern brazil. more than 100 others are being treated in hospitals. reports say a flare or fire work was lit, possibly by a band member or someone from the production team and then set set fire to the club's ceiling. many are struggling to get out in the confusion. officials in the town of santa maria say the majority of the victims died from suffocation. most of the partygoers were students from the nearby university. brazil's president has cut short a visit to chile to return to the town, saying she would mobilize all resources to help in the rescue efforts. nbc news, london. >> the fire did remind many folks of what happened here in the u.s. years ago on rhode island. you might remember 100 people died when a fire spread in a west warwick nightclub during a pyrotechnic show by the
-jazeera. >> morning is under way in brazil. still to come, more on the latest -- the latest on the worst nightclub fire in history. want to be british? [indiscernible] >> hello again. for many of us across europe, the weather has turned much milder. at the satellite we can see a blanket of clouds, the leading edge there, working its way eastwards and turning increasingly more light winter wheat with snow coming after that. toward the west, it will stay mild with a top temperature 13 degrees in london. it will not feel mild, thanks to the wind and rain. towards the southeast there is plenty of unsettled weather here. including particularly intense thunderstorms currently, sticking around even as we head through tuesday. that system is also affecting us a bit further to the south as well. it really is mild for this time of year and it will be another mile day on tuesday, but the wind will be picking up. into wednesday as when we will see the wind swinging down from the north. temperatures dropping away, we are>> a new season of witness begins on january 28 on link tv. >> the top stories on al jazeer
in brazil. three people are now in custody for questioning including one of the club's owners. more than 230 people died and hundreds were hurt in yesterday's early-morning fire in the southern city of santa maria. about 2,000 people were inside the nightclub at the time. double its maximum capacity. now, the club had only one working exit for all those people. security guards initially blocked the door thinking party- goers were trying to leave without paying. investigators are questioning the owner and members of the band on stage when the fire started. the band's pyrotechnics show may have sparked the blaze. >>> fire investigators are also looking into a fire at a comedy club in fairfield. the five-alarm fire caused the roof to class at pepper belly's friday night: flames shot up 40 to 50 feet in the air. everyone inside got out safely. >>> and the fire in brazil was the deadliest nightclub fire in the world since 2000. and that combined with the fairfield incident is prompting local questions about fire safety. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington has
for thousands in brazil turns traffic after a fire breaks out in a club. >> more than 200 people are dead and hundreds of others hurt. >>> a huge ravens sendoff is planned for today. the team is heading south for super bowl 47. a rally and how it could effect the morning commute. >>> death toll in horrific nightclub in brazil reached 233 with more than 100 people injured. >> a fire ripped through a club sunday morning, investigators say many people died of smoke inhalation. others were trampled to death in an effort to escape. >> reporter: as crews searched the charred wreckage of the nightclub sunday they reported the sounds of cell phones ringing going unanswered. a fire swept through the kiss nightclub around 2:00 a.m. sunday, fire officials say 2000 people were in the club, double the maximum capacity. investigators think pyrotechnics used used by the band they have caused the fire. the crowd started panicking. the tragedy grew worse. most of the victims were found near the club's bathrooms, the roof also collapsed trapping many, a local gymnasium was turned in to a makeshift morgue
announced in brazil after the fire in which more than 230 people died. >> this 14-year-old follows the coffin of her mother, the latest victim of the nightclub fire. her mother was an army doc or -- doctor and was buried with military honors. the disaster has shocked brazil, and there is anger about the safety failings of the case -- kiss nightclub. everybody has said the same thing -- >> everybody has said the same thing. the fire started above the box where the pyrotechnics were located. >> there was no sprinkler system. only one fire extinguisher that was out of order. but the country's deputy sports minister insists there is no systemic problem with safety in the country, unveiling the poster for next year's world cup. he says brazil is being unfairly singled out by its critics. visiting football fans have nothing to worry about. >> similar tragedies have happened in france. in the united states, in japan, in russia, and china. why does nobody asked these countries if they are ready to host the world cup or olympic games? >> one of the owners of the nightclub has blamed the who
are dead. more than 100 injured, after a massive fire in southern brazil. >> investigators are working to figure out what sparked one of the deadliest nightclub fires in more than a decade. >> reporter: police are guarding a burned out nightclub in southern brazil, where hundreds of people died. early sunday morning rescue workers scrambled to pull victims out of the burning building. club goers and firefighters worked together to use sledgehammers to tear down a wall to reach hundreds of people trapped inside. witnesses say the kiss nightclub in santa maria filled with smoke and plims, moments after a member of a band lit a flare on stage. survivors described a chaotic race to reach the only exit. they claimed security guards stopped people because they thought patrons were trying to leave without paying their bills and firefighters say they couldn't get in and party goers couldn't get out, because bodies started to pile up and block the door. ambulances rushed the injured to the hospital. doctors say many of the victims died from smoke inhalation and some were trampled. a bouncer say
of the dutch tradition of will succession -- royal succession. the nightclub fire in brazil is one of the worst worldwide. authorities now have arrested four people in connection to the fire in which more than230 people died. many others are gravely ill in the hospital, suffering from the after effects of smoke inhalation. the club's owners have been detained and safety rules are being reexamined in a country prepared to host the olympics -- preparing to host the olympics in two years' time. >> another day of unfathomable grief. families and friends of those who died in sunday's tragic night club fire gathered together to mourn. the fumarole here for a 36-year- old woman. a cashier who worked at the club, and the mother of two. her life cut short by a preventable disaster. more than 60 victims of the fire were buried in this cemetery -- cemetery alone on monday. these people dressed in white our volunteers -- doctors, nurses, psychologists, who came to offer support and help families cope with the tragedy. an investigation is underway to find out how the tragedy in this kiss nightclub happened
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